Salzburg sites, baroque architecture and glory

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A symbiosis of art and history. In the heart of the Old City the Cathedral and Residence constitute the historic centre of the city of Salzburg.

Salzburg baroque architecture

For centuries the Residence served as seat of power, domicile and for representational purposes.They are an expression of the ecclesiastic and simultaneous worldly power wielded by the Salzburg prince-archbishops since, throughout centuries, “heavenly and earthly” concerns of the people lay in the hands of these archiepiscopal princes with their claim to absolutist rule.

Baroque Glory of a fountain with square
Residence place and fountain, site in baroque architecture
a baroque styled room in Salzburg

Salzburg sites – gems of baroque architecture

More than 400 years ago the powerful archbishops began to transform the city of Salzburg into a Baroque jewel. Impressed by the opulent grandiosity of the influential Papal States of Rome, the capital of Salzburg’s diocese was sure to blossom as the diocese was incredibly wealthy thanks to its trade in salt, gold and other raw materials. The biggest architects of the time were brought to Salzburg and created a city planning masterpiece that is treasured and protected today as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

It presents a unique symbiosis of architecture, art and history that combine Baroque state rooms with opulent collections, contrasts unusual lookouts over the city with in-depth views of the Cathedral and the Gothic choir of the Franciscan Church. Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau began building the Baroque Residence palace in 1604. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the palace was adapted to the individual taste of the reigning ruler.
This forms the basis of the new museum walk, which has opened its doors in spring of 2014.

Salzburg residence fountain
DomQuartier Salzburg Residenzplatz mit Brunnen

Salzburg, in the footsteps of the archbishops

With the opening of the new DomQuartier on 17 May 2014, Salzburg founded a cultural highlight in the heart of the city, a complex consisting of palace and cathedral, completed by St. Peter’s Abbey. An area of 15,000 magnificent square metres was opened to the public as a complete tour for the first time.

baroque fresco painting Salzburg
baroque architecture with painting

Only now, after two centuries, a fascinating circular walking tour makes it possible to again experience this resplendent centre of power of the former prince-archiepiscopal diocese.

Juwels of baroque architecture

Walking through the Residence palace and Cathedral complex you can experience the Residence state rooms, the Residence Gallery, the Cathedral Museum, the Museum of St. Peter’s Abbey as well as a Baroque Collection of the Salzburg Museum in conjunction with special exhibits of partner museums presenting art treasury of 1300 years.

ancient wall carpet

Centuries of political and art history from Renaissance, Baroque to Classicism are collected in the Salzburg Residence. That can be seen in 15 splendid state rooms featuring ceiling frescos and high Baroque stucco as well as valuable opulent interiors, ceramic tile ovens, mirrors, chandeliers, clocks and paintings.

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Text and photos ‚Salzburg baroque architecture‘ by © Sissi Munz  

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